Communication is key.

Business relations thrive on how people respond to one another, and in a fast paced industry, efficiency is highly prioritized.

SDS Cloud Email makes users work faster, better and further as the Hybrid system is engineered to handle some serious business.

Using SDS Business Email hosting, accessing your mail is completely on your hands, whenever you need, however you want and anywhere you are – the advantages of Hybrid email hosting!

Take what you need and send out the goods.

Choose what feature you need and when you use it according to your work pace. By eliminating tools you don’t need, it helps to focus on what needs to be done.

Mutual Calendar and Company Directory

Make sure everyone stays updated and connected by forwarding calendar and contact lists through the system, user information and personal contact lists included.

System Management

Adjust the system according to user needs, accessibility and capability. A few click here and there and you are good to go!

Business Security

  • Accident-proof

    Upload your files in our cloud server and keep them from damage or loss and do business with a peace of mind.

  • Regular Backups

    Return your important files direct from the Control Panel with zero price, we already have back-ups.

  • Firewall Enabled

    Protect your data from external access as your system is embedded with the latest SSL encryption techniques.

  • Superior Anti-Malware Protection

    Three degrees of malware scans keeps your system from corrupt files and annoying spam mails.

System Sync

  • Auto Sync and Updater

    As it is web based, any changes within the system are automatically fixed. You do the work. We handle how you can do it better.

  • Compatible with Exchange

    Make your work more compact as SDS email and MS Exchange are meshed into a single domain making business email more affordable and more efficient.

  • Mobile Sync for SDS Email

    Business never stops. Sync your Email, Contacts and Calendars to your smartphones with Mobile Sync (additional $1.50/month/mailbox)

  • API Integration

    Merge your applications with our services and make your workflow more cohesive. Configure Admin Users, Email & Exchange boxes, Spam Settings and Single-Sign-On capabilities with a programmatic access.

Prime Key access

Any employee can access the system with a single password as your updated Active Directory can be synchronized with SDS Email.

We got you more than covered.

You do your business and we help you make sure it continues its course.

Technical Support Team

  • 360o Support

    Technical problems are not an issue as our support team can address your inquiries 24x7x365 through phone, e-mail or live chat.

  • Solutions Delivered

    Your business track should not end if your business email comes down. Our SLA covers that.

  • Stress-free Shift

    Setup your email service host easy with our personnel to aid you from step 1 to usage, including basic maintenance. Migration Assistance is covered.

Large File Capacity

  • 25GB Inbox Capacity

    With a size that can handle 10 years worth of email, space won’t be a problem – we’re also developing it to a larger capacity.

  • High upload Capacity

    Manage files as big as 50MB at ease.

Ad-free and Email Only

Simple: you bought an email service, not an ad space.

No Hidden Charges

The best thing about SDS Email is that we charge you from what you tell us you needed – No more, no less.

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Mobile Sync


Email Archiving