Prepare before you prevent.

Accidents can happen in an instant. Your business unfortunately is a very fragile asset that you cannot afford to disregard. Ensure your document’s safe keeping and focus on your business instead of worrying about it.

SDSolutions is now offering a Document Management System (DMS) that could help your business gain a more organized and secured file system.

Get more than just security.

In the chaotic world of business management, managing your documents properly is a necessity. But what makes your work more fluid lies not only in your people, but also in the system they use to fulfill their duties.

  • Go paperless

    Remove your work from the clutter! Do business at ease by sending important files and/or documents through the system, reducing printing and supply costs.

  • Organized

    Instead of skimming an actual folder of countless files, you can get access even your oldest documents through folder hierarchies, auto tagging features, and document standards.

  • Collaborative

    File sharing becomes easier by sending them through the system. With the Calendar feature, users can sync their personal schedules and become more acquainted with each other’s timetable.

  • Time Saving

    Because file management is now automated, manual functions such as printing, sharing paper copies to employees and browsing an entire cabinet for a file is obsolete. With a simple click, all these can be done in an instant.

  • User Friendly

    The simple app navigation makes your work done fast and easy. Although the system brings out multiple functions at a time, the system is designed for users to work without too much hassle or confusion.

  • Networkable

    Sync third party apps with the system and work at ease from transferring files, and other data. You can even integrate Internet ready devices so you can work remotely.

  • Safe + Secure

    Set user hierarchies and limits to prevent unwanted data access. Get updated versions of your documents automatically. Track changes to document files using the audit log. Really, where’s the worry?

  • Customizable

    Get which functions you need! Because we understand that not all businesses are alike, you can eliminate unwanted functions and reduce your bill to a minimum. Does that fit?

Features :

  • Document Functions + Security

    • Document versions update
    • Document Scan + Imaging
    • Document check in & check out
    • Character Recognition + Indexing
    • User Roles and Security
    • Audit Log and Tracking
    • Document Subscriptions
    • Document Standard options
    • Document Numbering
    • Watermark
  • Web and App Integration

    • 3rd party App Integration (MS Office, Adobe Suite, CAD, etc)
    • Mobile Device Sync
    • Offline Sync
    • Email Integration
    • Web Service API
    • URL Support
  • File Organization

    • Linking/Parenting
    • Auto Tagging
    • Offline Sync
    • Document Search + File Archives
    • Bulk File Upload (.zip)
    • Recycle Bin
  • User Collaboration

    • Electronic Forms
    • Calendar
    • Task managers
    • Live Edits
    • Bulk File Upload (.zip)
    • System Chat