It matters who you work with.

You wouldn’t trust your business with just anyone. To be the best, you have to have the best. At SDSolutions, we carefully pick out the cream of the crop so that businesses like yours will continue to advance ahead the competition, and to reach your corporate goals.

Manage and Incorporate

Outsourcing is not just getting the right people. It’s also getting the right assets that can benefit your business.

  • Extended HR Pool

    If you can’t find the right people in your application pool, we’ll do the extra mile of pulling some strings and bring you the fitting candidate for the job.

  • Payroll management

    You don’t have to worry about your staff’s pay check, we’ll handle that too with our own payroll solution.

Formed to function

To be the best, you have to get the best. Our services do not just limit to acquiring the necessary talent to help your company; we value resiliency and professionalism that take our clients to higher levels.

  • Hire Specialists

    While hiring regular employees might get you unpredictable results, our hiring process are coordinated to ensure that we give you competent people.

  • Rapid Deployment

    Time is gold. By utilizing time management and setting the right priorities, we’ll get the task done with enough allowance for your consultation.

  • Transparency + Control

    What and how your staff gets paid for are recorded and can be viewed in your convenience. And while they operate within external resources, you always have the direct coordination with your staff or through our representatives.

Business focus

Competition is a two way street. It’s either you move forward or get left behind. Work your way with comfort as your outsourced staff will handle and even upgrade your business capacity to a new level. By letting them handle on some tasks, your hands can take on more important jobs.

  • Leveled Business Field

    Outsourced employees can give you that business edge because they are specialists in the field - less cost, same efficiency.

  • Focus on Core Business Goals

    Handle your business objectives more as your outsourced staff will handle tasks that could hinder you to handle more valuable tasks.

Get more for less.

Invest on our lower rates and gain flexible staff. Spend only 25% on expenses compared to hiring regular employees. By outsourcing your manpower, you don’t need to provide the necessary space and supplies for your new employee. Result: more for your business.

How It Works

Making your business a little easier is not too complicated, here’s the step by step of a hassle free outsourcing service:

  1. Let’s Talk

    Contact us through email (insert email), phone (contact #), leave us a note through our contact form or drop by our office at 9:00am – 7pm. We’re more than happy to accommodate you at your convenience.

  2. Resourcing

    After calibrating the information you relayed on us, we’ll pull some strings and assess a line up of suitable candidates for the position you require.

  3. Agreement

    Should you be content with the on-going arrangements, we will send you a contract for review and signing. By working with us, you abide by our terms of service.

  4. Billing

    Your outsourced staff will work as soon as you pay the invoice. We accept major payment platforms.

  5. Employ to Deploy

    After settling everything that’s necessary, we’ll send you details about your new staff. Orient and assign them the work load and update us on how it goes.