Growth comes in Applications

Almost everything in the world is continuously getting more compact and comprehensive, why shouldn’t your business functions be? At SDS, we’ll provide the right solutions to help you reach your business goals effortlessly: through Systems and Applications.

  • Tech Development & Customization

    Get the right tools to help your business be more efficient. Tell us what you need and we’ll make sure it will fit you.

  • Tech Upgrading

    Make sure your technology is updated and don’t get left behind - we’ll help you put your best foot forward.

  • Tech Consultation & Validation

    Certify that you’re getting the right technologies, and ask us about it. We’ll gladly provide you answers and options to follow.

  • Tech Integration & Relocation

    We understand you can’t just let go of your old stuff. Now let’s sync what you have and what you will get.

  • Tech Support & Maintenance

    Let us have your systems at tip-top shape and make sure your business works at 100% efficiency.

It all starts at Step 1.

Working on systems and application is no easy task. That’s why we make sure we follow these steps to make sure we deliver quality service and maintain good client relations.

  1. Business Profile Analysis
  2. Solution Assessment
  3. Acquisition of Requirements
  4. Prototyping + Client Integration
  5. Development + Testing
  6. User Implementation
  7. Feedback + Adjustments
  8. Launch & Duplication

All Systems are Go!

Why should you get you’re your business functions automated if you’re already going good at present? In a fast paced industry, here’s what’s important: To do better and gain more.

  • Get Results Faster

    Compared to manual processing, with a single click, you can get results instantly. Plus, every information is stored in the system, so you can view it anytime you want.

  • More Efficient Workflow

    By eliminating tedious physical preparations or actions, automated systems give out prompt notifications to anyone who needs to be informed, hence, more time to work.

  • Scalable Utilities

    Not every business needs the exact same tasks. That’s why we consider what you want and what you need. Plus, eliminating factors lessens costs.

  • Business Focus

    With everything else automated, you can focus on building your business, with less to worry about.

  • Long Term Solution

    Because systems and applications are software, all they need are updates to function along technology trends. So you don’t need to replace what you have necessarily.

  • Transparency

    We don’t hide anything from our clients. What you see is what you get, from step 1 onwards. Your feedback is actually very much appreciated.

  • 24/7 Support

    Don’t let time get you from contacting us. Our team is open to your inquiries at your convenience. You may contact us through phone, email or office visit. We’ll be happy to assist you.

We can do it, Hurray!

With almost a decade of existence in the IT industry, we gained more enough experience, knowledge and skill to give you the following. What do you need?

  • Point of Sale System
  • Inventory system
  • Management and Operation System
  • Computing system/application
  • Cloud applications
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications

With these on our table, we also pack a number of programming languages up our sleeves:

  • Microsoft .NET (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Windows Mobile)
  • Java
  • PHP