PAYDAY PH let’s you focus on what’s more important!

Working on tedious back-end processing takes time. So while you are busy fixing and adding wages to your employees’ paycheck, some chances are slipping away!

PAYDAY.PH is a smart software solution that processes payroll computations and employee records instantly with a few clicks, making administration and/or HR duties get done in a breeze.

Payday PH is designed to automatically process PAYROLL!

By simply entering the data needed for payroll computation, the application instantly determines each employee’s wage.

  • Pay slips, bank files, and government reports too

    Encoded wage formulas automatically computes as other paper works are processed at the same time, with less preparations.

  • Paperless & error free

    PayDay is designed to reduce technical margins in wage fixtures as well as paper waste from printing payslips.

Payday PH makes HR Functions easier!

Employee records are just a few clicks. Adjust, manage and keep track of employee performance, attendance and vacation leaves at ease.

  • Less paperwork, more HR programs

    With the technical work reduced, HR can focus more on what’s important – getting the right employees, or making them better for the company.

  • Mobile and Web-based

    Access HR files online wherever you are and whenever you want.

Payday PH is Customizable!

No hidden charges whatsoever! Pay what you need, no more, no less.

  • Business is diverse

    PayDay account can be adjusted according to your company’s needs and nature of business.

  • Pay for what you got

    With as low as P20/employee, you can get what you need and still save on other expenses.

PayDay PH is Reliable and Secured!

User systems are protected as PayDay PH uses SAS 70 type II and SSAE servers with SSL encrypted connection.

Payday as it should be!

What make a good system tick are the right components. Designed to process a small company to a corporate organization, SDS has fused these functions into a complete solution that will help you manage your company’s employees automatically:

  • Payroll System

    Automatically direct payroll processing, deductions and reports with a few clicks.

  • Infinite User Count

    The system is designed to hold large quantities of data, just enter information and watch it roll.

  • User Access Level

    Grant user limitations to protect information and manage more effectively.

  • System Audit Trail

    Keep track on everything, everytime.

  • Web based Recruitment System

    Manage your applications more efficiently with a web-based system.

  • Web based Human Resources Information System

    Access employee files online anytime and anywhere through the web.

  • Web based Employee Online Application

    Process leaves, absences and overtimes in a snap.

  • Timekeeping System

    Attendance is instantly processed, including shifts, and holidays.