ITX – IT Support and Facility Build-out

You wouldn’t trust your business with just anyone

At SD Solutions, we carefully pick out the best of the best so that businesses like yours will continue to advance ahead of the competition and reach your corporate goals.

Manage and Incorporate

Outsourcing is not just getting the right people. It’s also getting the right assets that can benefit your business. To be the best, you need to get the best.

Formed to function

Our services are not just limited to acquiring the necessary talent and setting up automated systems; we value resiliency, professionalism, high quality and reliability which can take your business to much greater heights.

Transparency + Control

What we set-up and who we send out are properly documented and fully customized to your needs. While they operate within external resources, you always have the direct coordination with your staff or through our representatives.

Business focus

Work your way with comfort as your systems build-out gives you the business leverage you deserve. By letting us focus on your IT systems, you can then take on more important jobs in your company.

Leveled Business Field

You get the business edge you’ve always wanted – less cost, same efficiency. That’s the full ITX Support!