Payday.PH – Payroll Processing System

PAYDAY.PH is a smart software solution that processes payroll computations and employee records instantly with a few clicks, making administration and/or HR duties done in a breeze.

Payroll System

Automatically direct payroll processing, deductions and reports with a few clicks.

Infinite User Count

The system is designed to hold large quantities of data, just enter information and watch it roll.

User Access Level

Grant user limitations to protect information and manage more effectively.

System Audit Trail

Keep track on everything, everytime.

Web based Recruitment System

Manage your applications more efficiently with a web-based system.

Web based Human Resources Information System

Access employee files online anytime and anywhere through the web.

Web based Employee Online Application

Process leaves, absences and overtimes in a snap.

Timekeeping System

Attendance is instantly processed, including shift changes, holidays inclusions and other schedule adjustments.